PUMP HD Sportbuds

PUMP HD Sportbuds

CNET: "Crave's Eric Mack took the BlueAnt Pump, a waterproof Bluetooth sports headset, for a spin down a waterfall to test its bona fides. Watch the test for yourself."

Cult of Mac: "Wireless and waterproof, Pump sports headphones crank up the fun."

Sports Illustrated: "BlueAnt's watertight, Kevlar and Teflon sportbuds epitomize durability"

Mashable: "The Top 12 In Tech of 2014"

Android Central: "A great choice for active people that want to bring their music with them." "If you're looking for a better fitting pair of buds that can survive a lot of abuse, the BlueAnt Pump HD is certainly worth giving a look."

My Mac: "All in all, I give the BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones a My Mac rating of 9 out of a possible 10."

Expert Reviews: "The Pump HD Sportbuds' very secure fit makes them a perfect companion for strenuous exercise"

ZD Net: "Wireless headphones built to stay put and sound great"

Pocket Insider: "The BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds is a great pair of earphone for users with an active lifestyle." "Best Headphones For Students"

"Best Sport Headphones: Whether you're running a Tough Mudder or trying to shed the Freshman 15 on the treadmill the BlueAnt Pump HD headphones have your grad covered. Using a mix of Teflon and Kevlar, the Pump HD are the only sport headphone to receive IP67 waterproof certification. These wireless buds also offer up to 8 hours of battery life with a warm bass line, crisp highs and smooth mids for an affordable $129."

Tapscape: "BlueAnt Pump Review"

"As with any sport headphones, the ability for them to stay on during exercise is one of the most important things to consider. Luckily, not once during testing did I encounter any issues with the Pumps staying on my head, which made working out significantly easier."

Android Guys: "BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds Review"

"The Sportbuds actually have a very high quality sound, which BlueAnt calls "Energize HD Audio." They made sure that every level of sound got the proper attention, from the bass to the mids to the highs. Whatever they did, it gives users a great sound that doesn?t appear to compromise in any area. Every song I listened to, no matter the genre, came through crystal clear with strong bass and treble output. I was surprised by the bass that BlueAnt threw into the Sportbuds, which played even the most bass-heavy songs I have (namely some dubstep and remix tracks) with clarity and ease."

Android Rundown: "BlueAnt Pump Bluetooth HD Sportsbuds Hardware Review"

"I loved the tip mechanism, in that they expand out to create a good seal. The whole thing feels quite comfortable. The sound was nice, and the unit gets quite loud ...

All in all, though, this is the type of unit that make you look for reasons to use it, and in that it wins."

GetFrush: "BlueAnt: Pump HD Sportsbuds"

"It delivers crystal clear audio from up to 100 feet away from any Bluetooth-compatible device, also featuring a built- in mic for handsfree calls."

R&A Cycles (Biking): Equipment Review

"Having owned Jaybird's Freedom and Blue Buds, I can attest that the Pump has superior fit and reception compared to the Freedom, and superior fit, wider compatibility and a lower price tag than the Blue Buds."

Android Police: "BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds Review"

"They haven't disappointed in the performance department. I can honestly say this is the first set of Bluetooth earbuds I've ever used that actually stay in place during intense physical activity."

Mashable: "BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds Are Built to Get Physical"

"... sound quality was central in the design of the Pumps ? a welcome change in a world where such concerns are often secondary. And indeed, the sound quality is higher than I?ve experienced on a lot of Bluetooth headsets ? particularly those designed with exercise in mind."

Back Country Skiing Canada: "Jaybird Bluebuds X And BlueAnt Pump HD Review"

"The sound quality is comparable to wired earbuds thanks to BlueAnt's Energize HD Audio technology and since the Sportbuds have a secure fit with your ears the bass is deep and pumping.

With the BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds I took them out and put them on and they were super comfortable, had a natural feel and simply never fell out of my ears."

Global News: "Tech: Vancouver Sun Run accessories"

"Once you put them on, you forget that you have them on"

Vagabondish: "BlueAnt Pump: Wireless, Waterproof Sportbuds for Travelers"

"The PUMP HD offer three things we love: an ultra-rugged design, comfortable fit and extended battery life. All of which is perfect for long-haul transport and the repeated daily beatings of life on the road"

Examiner: "Fitness gear review"

"Fuel your workouts with music that drives you to move, delivered wirelessly with BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportsbuds. The stylish Bluetooth-enabled headphones allow you to move freely and work harder when you train."

Phone Arena: "BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds"

"BlueAnt made sure to focus on its fit around our ears, and boy did they get it right! Whereas other sporty styled units strictly rely on a traditional freestanding ear bud design, the Pump HD Sportbuds evenly distributes weight over our ear. Combining its weighty rear siding, which rests against the back of our ear, and the narrow ear bud section that finds its way into our ear canal, there are no complaints about it becoming loose."

Gadget Review: "BlueAnt Pump HD Sport Bluetooth Headphone Review"

BCC Hardware: "The BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds are designed and built for active use. They are geared toward someone who is working out or getting their exercise and doesn't want to be strapped with a cord to their phone."

Droid Horizon: "Fully waterproof, completely wireless and utterly durable, these groundbreaking sportbuds redefine how we experience music."

Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece

Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece

Cult of Mac: "A Firmware Update Makes The BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth Headset A Real Contender."

Fenix-Tech: "The BlueAnt Q3 is a superb high end Bluetooth headset. It offers excellent voice and sound quality to both the caller and receiver and works flawlessly with Apple's Siri."

Examiner: "The Q3 is solid, it's comfortable to have in your ear, and it will make you wonder how such a high-end headset can retail for under $100."

Infused Reviews: "BlueAnt products are very high quality."

Fox News: "4 must-have gadgets for summer travelers."

Indy Style TV: "Hottest Tech Gifts for Grads under $100."

The Miami Herald: "The stylish BlueAnt Q3 premium smartphone earpiece is HD voice compatible and does everything you would want from a Bluetooth device."

Paul's iOS Device: "BlueAnt Q3 unboxing and review"

iSource: "The BlueAnt Q3 is excellent. I've been using it regularly for the past couple weeks and I really enjoy being able to continue doing what I'm doing and not have to stop to answer the phone. Call quality and sound production was superb."

The Geek Church: "One thing that I love about the Q3 is the shape. It has a very curvaceous nature to it that looks extremely futuristic and yet contemporary at the same time. Most Bluetooth headsets aren't really into the aesthetic quality of craft, but this one took me by surprise."

Tech News World: "The Q3 is one of the best headsets in this class that I've ever tested. It was arguably the easiest I've ever paired. Upon initial power on, it verbally walked me through what I needed to do; buttons were intuitive -- well it took a moment to find volume -- and easy to use."

iLounge: "A follow up to the company's Q2, the styling of the ear piece has been slightly updated, and new features have been added. The biggest addition is Siri integration, available by pressing the command button, which works alongside BlueAnt's own spoken menu system."

Slashgear: "Using the Q3 and Siri, iPhone users will be able to compose text messages using their voice by double tapping the command button. The headset also supports Android users allowing access Google Voice Actions with a double tap of the command button"

Engadget: "BlueAnt's Q3 Bluetooth headset hands-on"

iLounge: "Show Report: BlueAnt"

CONNECT Bluetooth Earpiece

CONNECT Bluetooth Earpiece

The Next Web: "A winner because price matters."

My Fox Chicago: "New Tech Gadgets Your Dad Would Love For Father's Day."

RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer

RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer

Ask Dave Taylor!: "Tired of being leashed to your smartphone or computer because you want to use audio devices like headphones or earbud / microphones? Check out the BlueAnt and its "Ribbon" adapter. Small, simple, and surprisingly useful..."

Phone Arena: "Bluetooth headsets have changed the way we interact with our devices, but for some people, the thought of having something spewing out invisible radio waves near our heads and ears might not sit too well with them."

Examiner: "I personally find the Ribbon the most stylish and enjoyable, as a newcomer to bluetooths. The look is exactly in keeping with the name and very lightweight, having controls to change volume and music tracks; for my android phone, an LGL35G, the setup was a piece of cake, practically taking no time."

National Post: "It's nice to be presented with a new way to enjoy hands-free technology while on the go. BlueAnt's Ribbon Stereo Bluetooth Streamer defies conventional expectations." Business Travel: "One aspect that I found the BlueAnt Ribbon particularly helpful for was situations like working out, where I could keep my iPhone and music in my pocket and plug the earbuds into the Ribbon, clipped to my shirt. That allows you to keep the cords tucked safely away (in my case, under my shirt) so they didn't get pulled accidently while I was exercising."

Pauls iOS Device: "This is an awesome product. I really enjoy using this; I use it all the time in the gym and it's really worth the money."

IGXPRO: "I've been using the BlueAnt Ribbon at the gym and it's basically transformed my whole exercising experience... I must say I was extremely impressed on the sound quality and how loud I could turn my music up to. The best part while at the gym is that my phone (music player) never had to leave the cup holder on the treadmill and my earphones stayed in place the whole time."

Cult Of Mac: "The BlueAnt Ribbon Lets You Stream Bluetooth Audio To Almost Any Speaker."

TidBITS: "I like the idea behind the BlueAnt Ribbon, which separates out the Bluetooth part of a Bluetooth stereo headset into a normal 3.5mm headphone jack that can be hooked up to anything, such as your existing headset or other speaker equipment."

Market News: "BlueAnt's Ribbon music streamer is interesting in that it's an accessory that can be used with other speaker docks, in the car, or on its own as headphones."

BT Social: "The device worked virtually flawlessly even when taking calls. I had no sound issues reported from counterparts on the other end and the play button made it easy to answer calls without taking out my phone."

Examiner: "Use your Ribbon to transform your home into a Bluetooth streaming powerhouse."

Windy City Live: "Holiday Hot Picks."

C10 Magazine: "A portable Bluetooth adapter that can be used either at home or on the road."

Fox News Latino: "Another review by Fox News."

Accessorize Your Smartphone: "The inbuilt microphone allows you to make and take calls while you listen in HD quality. You can even start Siri or Google Voice Actions to take control of your phone."

Wish TV: "The inbuilt microphone allows you to make and take calls while you listen in HD quality. You can even start Siri or Google Voice Actions to take control of your phone."

Examiner: "I found it to have near CD quality sound. I also appreciated the one-touch music control to adjust track or volume without having to pull out my phone. My favorite feature was the ability to make or receive calls using the ribbon with a simple double tap to access Siri and/or Google Voice Actions."

Computerworld: "An ingenious gadget that lets you use a non-Bluetooth listening device with your mobile Bluetooth-capable player. It's also great for pairing your new iPhone 5 with your iPhone 4-specific speakers."

Yahoo! Shopping: "The new connector pin on the iPhone 5 could make millions of old speakers and docking stations useless. This device, made by BlueAnt Wireless, changes that." "Want a device that can stream great, quality sounding music to any home stereo, car stereo or iPhone dock? No need to look any further the BlueAnt Ribbon Stereo Bluetooth Streamer."

Fenix Tech: "We take a look at the BlueAnt Ribbon. This Bluetooth accessory doubles as both a Bluetooth stereo headset and Bluetooth streamer."

Chris Voss Show: "This one will be the one that people can hear me the most on."

She Scribes: "I have a great gift idea for your teen or any other music loving, tech savvy person on the your holiday shopping list. It's called the BlueAnt Ribbon."

The Gadgeteer: "Do you love listening to music, but hate being tethered to your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player by headphone cords? With the Ribbon Stereo Bluetooth Streamer from BlueAnt, you can convert your corded headphones or earbuds to Bluetooth."

The Review Stew: "Use your Ribbon to transform your home into a Bluetooth streaming powerhouse."

Fox News Latino: "Watch the Ribbon featured on Fox News."

Today's iPhone: "Cam takes a look at the BlueAnt Ribbon, an interesting stereo Bluetooth streamer. Thanks to its ribbon-like form factor it can clip on to any shirt collar, but its two-material design makes it very robust and can be thrown just about everywhere."

Fox News: "6 tech gadgets that won't get regifted."

Discovery News: "It's small, discreet and universally helpful for any kind of mobile device user, not just beleaguered iDevice owners."

iLounge: "BlueAnt's new Ribbon isn't the first Bluetooth adapter on the market, but it's a really stylish execution of the concept."

Savvy Chick: "Since the Ribbon comes with the standard MicroUSB charge port, charging it is very easy. A single charge gives up to six hours of play time and up to 250 hours of standby time."

Sound and Vision Mag: "Another possible solution was announced today by BlueAnt Wireless, a company known for making some of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market. You can use BlueAnt's new Ribbon Bluetooth receiver in various ways."

Home Technology Montreal: " Walking the aisles at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show in Toronto I came across one of those things that prompt you to say 'Why didn't I Think of that?' It is the RIBBON Stereo Bluetooth Streamer. "

Slash Gear: " There's a lovely strange new little device out there now called the BlueAnt Ribbon for music streaming. "

USA Today: " Designed to clip onto your clothing, the ribbon-shaped device can stream audio from the phone in your pocket to earphones plugged into its audio jack. Using the ribbon's controls, you can easily adjust the volume and switch tracks without touching your phone. "

The Geek Church: " The best thing about the Ribbon is it has a One Touch Music Control "

COMMUTE Voice Activated Handsfree

COMMUTE Voice Activated Handsfree

Brisbane Times: "The Commute has restored our faith in hands-free calling - the supposed ability of a hands-free unit to interpret one's spoken instructions, find a contact in a phone address book, and place a call to the right person. It doesn't always work but the Commute has a higher success ratio than anything else we've tried. For a device that costs less than $100, it's quite impressive."

KARE 11 News - Spring Break Travel Gadgets For The Whole Family: " Spring break! Many families will be packing the car and hitting the road for a spring break vacation, and more than likely wanting to bring along some gadgets to pass the time. So how do you keep the family safe, entertained, and active in that cramped car? . "

WISC-TV: " To find the clip, go to, and on the right side of the page there is a section called "Playlist." Click on "Gadget Guy: Entertainment on the Road." David Viggiano, effectively demonstrates the calling functionality of the Commute. He also notes the product is great for sending texts, e-mails, taking calls and announcing caller names. "

TechHive: " The $99 BlueAnt Commute speakerphone, much like its cousins, the S4 and the S3, houses the devices controls along a flat surface. Almost all car units I've tested sport physical buttons??and the larger, the better, in my book as it makes using them while driving all the more safe. " " For anyone who spends a lot of time in their car, making calls or texting while driving can be very dangerous and actually illegal in many places. The Commute from Blue Ant Wireless, a leader in Bluetooth technology, readily solves this problem. "

You & Me This Morning - Family Vacation Must Have Tech: " David Viggiano featured the COMMUTE at 1:28 mark. "

Good Morning San Diego: " Bruce Pechman, a technology expert also known as Mr. Bicep, gives an on-camera demonstration of the COMMUTE. "

Through My Eyes: " The BlueAnt Commute works flawlessly! The aspect that surprised me the most, is that no one knew I was on a speakerphone in the car. In fact, they were surprised I was on a Bluetooth device. "

IGXPRO: " After using this product for a couple of days, I can happily say that my temptation to check my phone has completely disappeared. So if you're looking for something to help you with those long car commutes, consider getting the BlueAnt Commute. "

NBC News: " 7 gifts for the various travelers on your list. "

Benchmark Reviews: " The BlueAnt Commute voice-activated handsfree car kit exceeded my expectations. It worked incredibly well with Apple's Siri assistance, and may offer similar functionality for users with the Google Voice Search feature tuned and operating properly on their smartphone. "

Tech Talk With Mr. Noobie: " Accessorize Your Smartphone. "

Cheap Car Insurance: " The BlueAnt Commute Voice Activated Handsfree Car Kit is a smart way to read and send messages, and make calls handsfree. "

Musings From a Stay At Home Mom: " The only Bluetooth device on the market that allows users to send and read messages with Siri and Android totally handsfree. " " Great gifts for a richer life: Technology that saves time, money. "

Gift Guide: Top Tech Gifts: " Does your car lack a central Bluetooth communications system? Mine does. It seems the model of my car missed the boat on including Bluetooth by one year. But now, BlueAnt, the manufacturer of high-performance, cutting-edge products has introduced a new product, The Commute. "

EMBRACE Stereo Headphones

EMBRACE Stereo Headphones

Reviews 4i: " I can easily say these are my favorite on or over the ear headphones by a very large margin. They managed to pack so many nice goodies into an amazing looking pair of headphones and an unbelievably affordable price. "

Trusted Reviews: " The Blueant Embrace are a truly great set of headphones. They look stylish, are superbly well-made, pack in plenty of features and extras in the box, and most of all they sound great too. "

Pocket-lint: " Wearing the BlueAnt Embrace is a pleasure. Well, it is in as much as any headphones are. The ear pads cover your ear, but don't surround them, for us, this meant our ears stayed cool, and we liked that. "

MTV Clutch: " Gift Guide: What Your Headphones Say About You ."

Techlicious: "Holiday 2011 Gift Guide For Your Significant Other."

MyMac: "There are headphones and then there are just headphones. BlueAnt has set out to show how headphones should be done, and as far as I'm concerned, they have really succeeded with the Embrace Stereo headphones."

Techgeeze: "Now this has to be, in our opinion, one of the most effective packaging schemes that we had in terms of headphones. The product itself is presented in a simple yet elegant hard cardboard overlaying package that has product images of the EMBRACE in both front and back covers."

ZDNet: "BlueAnt has been making Bluetooth headsets for years and now is trying out the wired stereo headphone market. The Embrace is an excellent headset built with comfort and quality in mind."

Gadget Guy: "The Embrace headphones move away from BlueAnt's bluetooth wireless line, and focus on comfort and sound quality."

CNET: "My ears and head appreciate being coddled like this. The sound mimics the Embrace's look and feel: it's smart and sophisticated."

CNET: "A set of stylishly designed over-ear headphones that include an integrated mic and controls for the iPhone."

Into Mobile: "I would definitely pick up a pair of these headphones. They're comfortable to wear, they do an excellent job of noise control and the sound quality is excellent."

Slash Gear: "BlueAnt Stereo Headphones Hands On: We managed to get some time with the headphones, testing them against the noise of the entire showroom floor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and we walked away both surprised, and pleased."

Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

GeekBeat TV: "If you're looking for a very comfortable Bluetooth headset with great sound quality, you might want to consider the BlueAnt Q2."

CrackBerry: "To make sure both hands are free to work, drive or even play, Dads need to have a reliable Bluetooth headset. The BlueAnt Q2 provides almost every reason available to have use of all 10 digits."

Gizmodo: "The BlueAnt Q2 is one of the only devices here that doesn't advertise "HD Voice", which is funny, because it handily beats virtually all of them in audio quality."

CNET: "The BlueAnt Q2 is yet another BlueAnt winner, with new features and fantastic call quality even in windy conditions."

PC Mag: "BlueAnt delivers a winner with the Q2, a superb sounding Bluetooth headset with accurate voice control and a comfortable fit."

Dallas News: "Sound quality was as good as I've experienced in a headset, and wind-noise reduction was outstanding."

S4 True Handsfree

S4 True Handsfree

The Mitch Blog: The Best Ant On The Road Is The BlueAnt : "Road safety has been getting a lot of press lately. With Oprah's push to end "texting and driving" is now become a big topic as is should be"

CNET: Which of these Bluetooth speakerphones sounds the best? (comparison): "The BlueAnt S4 does a fantastic job, almost completely eliminating the road and wind noise between words..."

Wired: Buying Guide For The Wired Ride: Cool Car Gadgets: "BlueAnt's S4 True Handsfree goes further than other devices by incorporating voice commands. Say "BlueAnt, speak to me," and it's ready for your bidding."

CNN Hands-free mobile tips: "I want people to really think about voice activation to be truly handsfree. This is a great feature from BlueAnt."

PC Mag: "The BlueAnt S4 is an excellent-sounding, voice-enabled, hands-free speakerphone that's a must buy for anyone sick of wearing a Bluetooth headset in the car."

Sydney Morning Herald: "After clipping the unit to your car's sun visor, you won't need to touch it again."

T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset

T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset

HTC Evo Covers: "The BlueAnt T1 Is The Reigning Champion."

Yahoo! Mashable Tough Tech: 10 Rugged Gadgets That Will Go the Distance: "The T1 is highly durable -- able to cope with knocks, drops, dust and moisture. BlueAnt's "Wind Armour Technology" also boasts clear audio in winds of up to 35 kph, so you should be sure of being heard, even if it's blowing a gale."

CNET Reviews: "Durable and rugged headset. Great voice user interface. Wind noise cancellation is fantastic."

AOL Switched: "All in all, it's one of the best headsets out there in terms of form and function, and its price tag is tough to beat."